SJH Nursery & Landscaping Sdn. Bhd.

Established since 2002 (R.O.C:601376-H, GST No. 001778778112) in Muar, Johor state of Malaysia,  Over the years we have evolved into becoming a full range landscaping plants nursery, grower, trader and wholesaler in Malaysia.

Our garden plants nursery nurture & grow variety of tropical palms, trees, bamboos, shrubs, climbers and ground covers.

With years of experiences in plant nurturing, plants nursery management and landscaping business, we always strive to provide quality plants and services to our valuable customers such as: developers, contractors, golf course operator, factories, house owner & other related fields with competitive prices.

Our products have been sent throughout Malaysia to places inclusive of: Johor, Melaka, Sembilan, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Penang, Perak, Pahang, Kedah & etcs.

Plants For Our Future

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Our Services

  • Planting Material Supply
    We supply landscaping garden plants likes : Palms, Trees, Shrubs, Climbers, Ground Covers, Bamboos, Bonsai to Golf Course Operators, Housing Developers, Factories, Landscape Contractors, Park Developer, Residential Owners & etc.
  • Pre-Grow Contracts
    Customer are able to get best quality plants at the best rate by engaging pre-growing contracts with us.
  • Ex-Ground Services
    We provide year round extract from ground services for plant transplantation. We will advise customer on when is the best time for transplantation to ensure plant stocks is readily established.
  • Plant Search Services
    We understand that there are varieties of plants used in landscape construction works. To lesser your burden, let’s us handles everything from the locating of your plants to delivery to your site with competitive prices.


 Our Plants Compliance With

Standard Measurement


Our Transportation

ourtransportationBesides having our own trucks to deliver planting materials to customer sites, we also engage experienced and reputable movers to fulfill the needs of respective customers…

During the entire loading process, our supervisor will make sure all the goods are in good condition.

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14 comments to Home

  • Albert Chang  says:

    Hello I am Albert from Taiwan. We do plants trade business. We can export any plants to your country. If u need please let me know.

  • Customer Support  says:

    Hi Mr Albert,
    Thanks for your offers.
    Please provide your ready to export plant specification, photos with min orders requirements & charges with your company details for our perusal to sjh.sales@gmail.com

  • Shah Design Exec SWPMC  says:

    I need qoutation for SWPMC Mini Garden.

    Please give your email with reply back to shah@sungeiwang.com

    Thank You.

    • Customer Support  says:

      Thanks for your request. Please check your email :)

  • Syari Jamian  says:

    we need a crotalaria sp as a planting flowers

  • Customer Support  says:

    Hi Syari. Sorry to inform that Crotalaria sp are not available in our plants stocks and networks for your order.

  • Gene Lee  says:

    I am looking for Heliconia red carribean and eden pink. Do you have them?

  • Yupei  says:

    Do you have 42nos of Gmelina arborea (2.5mOH, 1.5m CTH, 100mm girth)?

    • Customer Support  says:

      Hi Yupei, FYI we don’t have your requested Gmelina Arborea tree secies in stocks at this moment.

  • Hasnan Saadan  says:

    I want to buy bamboo tress for my new indoor garden. Can you send me

    the range of bamboo plants suited for indoor garden? Thanks.

  • Yennie Lim  says:

    Do you sell mini pot cactus? I need it in big amount for university activity. Would you mind to PM me? Tq.

    • Customer Support  says:

      Ms Lim.
      Thanks for your request. will PM you.

  • MAK  says:


    • Customer Support  says:

      Hi Mak,
      Yes we do have bamboo plants.
      Please check your given email for our reply. thanks

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