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Banner Ad Size (125 X 125)


Advertising Packages
–   1 month (Discount   0% @ RM  300)  – ONLY RM10.0/Day
–   3 month (Discount 10% @ RM  810)  – ONLY RM 9.0/Day
–   6 month (Discount 15% @ RM1530)  – ONLY RM 8.5/Day
– 12 month (Discount 30% @ RM2520)  – ONLY RM 7.0/Day



1. Maybank Transfer

Bank : Maybank
Account Name : SJH Nursery & Landscaping Sdn. Bhd.
Account No : 501048159135

** After the payment to our bank account, please email your transaction details to [email protected] **



Size & Content

  • The size of the Banner Ads is measured at 125 pixel width x 125 pixels height.
  • Picture files (jpg, png, gif) can be accepted for Banner Ad. Alternatively, you can create a short paragraph that fits well within the given size.
  • The Banner Ads cannot contain illegal or inappropriate content (e.g., adult, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, illegal substances and violence) or link to sites with inappropriate content.
  • Send the picture file and your desire link URL to [email protected] for us to put up your advertisement.
  • We reserve the right to verify and change the content of your Banner Ads.

Placement & Maximum Ads

  • This Banner Ads is published on right-hand panel of our website.
  • The placement of Ads is based on first-come-first-serve basis.
  • More than 1 Banner Ads can be displayed in advertisement slot in rotation manner.

When will your Ad be published & How long will it be up

  • Your Banner Ads will only be published after the content is verified and payment is received.
  • The duration of running the Ads will be counted after the day the Ads is first published. In other words, you are entitled to 1 day + subscribed period + 1 day grace period for your Banner Ads.
  • After the Banner Ads has completed its subscribed period, a grace period of 1 day will be given. After that, the Banner Ads will be removed.

How often can you change the content of your Ad?

  • You may change the content (new picture or revised details) of Banner Ads as per following schedule:
    Ads DurationChanges allowed
    – 1 month
    – 3 months
    – 6 months
    – 12 months