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Matches cure Indoor Plants

When plants reside Indoor, not only they make the environment more comfortable, they also improve air quality and increase the amount of oxygen in the room. But, plants don’t always do as well as we would like, even if you try really hard to take care of them & watering them regularly, they still look sad and wilted.

Sound familiar?

Parasites and pests are normally taking the blame, but they’re not always easy to spot with our naked eye. There are some people resort to chemicals, but then, it could end up damaging the plants even more 🙁

Fortunately, there is a very simple trick that can improve the appearance of your plants quickly. Forget about the aggressive chemical products.

All you need is a simple, easy to find box of matches.

Take some of them and stick them in the dirt...

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The Walking Garden

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What Plant leaves trying to tell U?

When they’re unusually pale
(The plant is: Hungry)

“You should perhaps provide more frequent fertilizer,” For instance, if you noticed the leaves of plants looking pale, it might need more iron. You can transfer the plant to a larger container when you spot paleness. But the promotions should be gradual. You can increase the container size by two inches at a time. If the plant is already in a large pot, consider utilizing your used coffee grounds to feed your plants. They’re best at the nourishing soil.

When they’re brown and crunchy
(The plant is: Thirsty)

Give your plants a new chance on life by watering until the soil is moist, but not overflowing. There’s often an interval between the problem at hand and the leaves changing colour...

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Brighamia insignis

Cabbage on a Stick Plant (Brighamia insignis)

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The Sprout Pencil


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This Swan loves gardening :)


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Easy-to-Grow plants for Garden Beginner

Some Gardening Tips for homeowners who are just about to start planning for their first garden; if you are having problems to decide what plants to include in order to beautify your outdoor space, then perhaps below-mentioned shrubs are your best option.
Some of the plants recommended here produce flowers with a variety of colours while others rely on just their leaves to bring out attractive colours & due to the ruggedness of these plants, there are favourite among gardening enthusiasts. These plants have appealing characteristics and also they are easy to care for.
As a garden beginner, one thing to work on is a disciplined routine of watering and exposing your plants to sunlight. If well-maintained, these plants will thrive well for years to come.
Here are a few easy-to-grow pl...
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Traditional Home Cooling Wisdom

It is very hard for us to imagine life without air-conditioning we have become so dependent on it that we have forgotten how life used to be without it. Even our young children, if not babies, would complain when the air-conditioner is not switched on.

There was always a dry and hot season in Malaysia. But how did our grandparents survive the heat back then?

Turns out, the best way to keep cool in those days was through some clever home design. Traditional houses were very cleverly designed for thermal comfort.

What were some of these traditional home designs? Let’s take a look:

Roof design

Traditional Malay houses had a double roof, with a gap between the top and bottom halves. These gaps, also known as ventilation joints provided airflow across the top of the house.

Secondly, older h...

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Shade Trees Selection

Trees add a lot to the home landscape.

Planting in the right location and practising proper tree maintenance such as pruning and watering is critical to the tree’s health. 

A shade tree is an investment in your home’s future and in the environment. A misplaced tree is doomed to a stressful and perhaps short life. A tree that outgrows its space can damage and endanger nearby structures. No matter what type of shade tree you choose, you need to consider the following: 
Here’s some advice on choosing, planting and caring for shade trees.

Benefits of Shade Trees

  • Reduce heating and cooling costs both indoors and out.
  • Drop the temperature during the hot season.
  • Reduce heat reflected from paved areas.
  • Attract and sustain wildlife.
  • Convert CO2 to O2
  • Help prevent soil erosion.
  • Increase your prop...
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Bamboo Beauty

Bamboo plant not only can give your garden that alluring oriental look, but also they look aesthetically-pleasing, they can give a gentle, soothing sound when the wind blows.
A lush clump of bamboo with its wide expanse of droopy canopy provides shade too.

Just imagine having a cool drink/hot cup of coffee in your patio against a backdrop of a beautiful bamboo garden. It will give you the serenity of being in harmony with nature.


To create an exotic-looking landscape in miniature, surround the clumps of bamboo with a swathe of pebbles and rustic timber panels.

Use bamboo to give a hard-looking pergola or fencing a softer look and a more naturalistic setting.

Interior designers and landscape artists often prefer to use bamboo as it is suitable for large or small gardens,...

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