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Earth Hour 2019

Earth Hour is an annual event, usually held on the last Saturday evening in March, when millions of people and thousands of business worldwide turn off lights and shut down most electrical appliances to celebrate sustainability and show their support for strategies that will help solve the problem of global warming.

Earth Hour 2019 with its campaign ‘#Connect2Earth’ aims to build mass awareness on why nature is important and create an unstoppable movement for nature similar to when the world came together to tackle climate change.

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Plants’ shape CHART

Wanna to do some landscaping? But don’t know the shape of plants? This awesome chart will show you a whole bunch of options for trees &  shrubs! These are all plants which are commonly grown in residential yards. Beside Shrubs, you can find tropical trees, deciduous & fall trees, so that you can also plan a beautiful autumn yard too!
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Plants have a ton of benefits for office workers & indoor environment. – They can brighten up a drab cubicle – Make you happier & more productive just by looking at them – and even clean the air &etc… You are thinking of adding some living greenery to your dining room to dress it up a bit and give it a more natural, welcoming look and feel. Read on to see which plants are best for your desk/Office
This chart lets you see at a glance which plants will grow in low light along with other helpful details. You will see which ones are easy to take care of, which make great screens to separate spaces in your home, and which can add nice colours or textures with their blossoms...Read More >

Matches cure Indoor Plants

When plants reside Indoor, not only they make the environment more comfortable, they also improve air quality and increase the amount of oxygen in the room. But, plants don’t always do as well as we would like, even if you try really hard to take care of them & watering them regularly, they still look sad and wilted.

Sound familiar?

Parasites and pests are normally taking the blame, but they’re not always easy to spot with our naked eye. There are some people resort to chemicals, but then, it could end up damaging the plants even more 🙁

Fortunately, there is a very simple trick that can improve the appearance of your plants quickly. Forget about the aggressive chemical products.

All you need is a simple, easy to find box of matches.

Take some of them and stick them ...

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The Walking Garden

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What Plant leaves trying to tell U?

When they’re unusually pale
(The plant is: Hungry)

“You should perhaps provide more frequent fertilizer,” For instance, if you noticed the leaves of plants looking pale, it might need more iron. You can transfer the plant to a larger container when you spot paleness. But the promotions should be gradual. You can increase the container size by two inches at a time. If the plant is already in a large pot, consider utilizing your used coffee grounds to feed your plants. They’re best at the nourishing soil.

When they’re brown and crunchy
(The plant is: Thirsty)

Give your plants a new chance on life by watering until the soil is moist, but not overflowing. There’s often an interval between the problem at hand and the leaves changing colour...

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Brighamia insignis

Cabbage on a Stick Plant (Brighamia insignis)

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The Sprout Pencil


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This Swan loves gardening :)


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Easy-to-Grow plants for Garden Beginner

Some Gardening Tips for homeowners who are just about to start planning for their first garden; if you are having problems to decide what plants to include in order to beautify your outdoor space, then perhaps below-mentioned shrubs are your best option.
Some of the plants recommended here produce flowers with a variety of colours while others rely on just their leaves to bring out attractive colours & due to the ruggedness of these plants, there are favourite among gardening enthusiasts. These plants have appealing characteristics and also they are easy to care for.
As a garden beginner, one thing to work on is a disciplined routine of watering and exposing your plants to sunlight. If well-maintained, these plants will thrive well for years to come.
Here are a few easy-to-grow pl...
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