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How are trees good for us? ‘Sentinels Landscape’ may have the answer

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3 Tree Planting Mistakes to Avoid

By Avoiding these few tree-care mistakes when planting or relocating trees to enjoy healthier, happier trees for generations to come 🙂

  • Plant trees too near utility lines.
    Trees should not be planted too near utility lines. Conversely, you should also be sure to consider underground utilities, including septic tanks and gas lines, before planting any trees.
  • Incorrect way of piling mulch around the tree.
    Don’t pile mulch into a mound up around a tree of any age. Instead, make a Donut of mulch around the base, being careful to avoid touching the bark with the mulch. Burying the base of the trunk with mulch is the same as planting it too deeply. It will result in the same slow decline and bring eventual death of trees.
  • Plant trees too deeply.
    If you follow a tree trunk down to its ...
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Vertical garden wall ideas


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How to grow a tiny forest anywhere


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Greenroofs 101

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23 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Plastic Bottles


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Don’t throw away those broken pots!

With imagination, all you need is a broken pot, plants, and maybe some pieces of the broken pot to create an amazing miniature garden. You can also incorporating miniature houses, glass mushrooms, and colorful bird houses into the beautiful potted garden.


These D.I.Y potted gardens are the perfect craft to fill up your next weekend.




Below is Step-by-step photo on how to start a broken potted plant, reincorporating the broken pieces as an entirely new addition, including little steps made of planter-pieces.



Be inspired by these photos of brilliant potted garden from broken pots



Mixing and matching plants is a great way to add contrast and a story behind your fairy garden, but make sure that all of the plants you pick go to together...

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4 Amazing Powers of Weeding

Weeding can be times consuming and tedious tasks when maintaining your garden or lawns. Are there any good from weeding? The answer is resounding YES!

1. Power of Connection: Weeding allows you to get closer to plants, learn more about them, watch their progress, and simply helps you to develop a better relationship with your environment.

2. Power of Contemplation: Weeding can give you a chance to slow down, let your thoughts wander, and open your mind to new ideas.

3. Power of Physical Exercise:
By doing weeding, actually it does add variety to your exercise routine (if you have one and if not, you just earned a little sweat).

4.Power of Accomplishment. Some days you might feel like you’ve rushed through life and not achieved a single thing...

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The Science Behind Global Warming


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5 Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid

Clumsy, neglected landscaping not only hurts your house appearance, it can cut the value of your property and make it harder to sell. Even more important, bad landscaping is a downer that hurts the way you see and enjoy your home.

Don’t let bad landscaping happen to you.  Here are the 5 landscaping mistakes to avoid

1. Planting Without A Plan

To come out with a landscaping design plan & also resolved some landscaping related challenged, landscape architects/designer are worth the investment. They will render elevations of your future yard, and provide plant lists so you can install landscaping yourself.

2. More of the Same

Resist the design temptation to fill your garden areas only with your favorite plant or shrub, because it will create a boring, monochromatic landscape...

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