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4 Amazing Powers of Weeding

Weeding can be times consuming and tedious tasks when maintaining your garden or lawns. Are there any good from weeding? The answer is resounding YES!

1. Power of Connection: Weeding allows you to get closer to plants, learn more about them, watch their progress, and simply helps you to develop a better relationship with your environment.

2. Power of Contemplation: Weeding can give you a chance to slow down, let your thoughts wander, and open your mind to new ideas.

3. Power of Physical Exercise:
By doing weeding, actually it does add variety to your exercise routine (if you have one and if not, you just earned a little sweat).

4.Power of Accomplishment. Some days you might feel like you’ve rushed through life and not achieved a single thing...

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The Science Behind Global Warming


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5 Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid

Clumsy, neglected landscaping not only hurts your house appearance, it can cut the value of your property and make it harder to sell. Even more important, bad landscaping is a downer that hurts the way you see and enjoy your home.

Don’t let bad landscaping happen to you.  Here are the 5 landscaping mistakes to avoid

1. Planting Without A Plan

To come out with a landscaping design plan & also resolved some landscaping related challenged, landscape architects/designer are worth the investment. They will render elevations of your future yard, and provide plant lists so you can install landscaping yourself.

2. More of the Same

Resist the design temptation to fill your garden areas only with your favorite plant or shrub, because it will create a boring, monochromatic landscape...

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5 Amazing Facts About Plants

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4 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About These Fruits

Durian (The King of Fruits)

durianDurian is a favor fruit of South East Asia with toxic smell
(You Either love it OR hate it).

It contain high levels of tryptophan, Our body can converts it into happiness hormone serotonin, beside this, The Indian researchers also found out that there was a marked increase in fertility in male mice who were fed Durian regularly over 2 week period.


watermelonCultivation of Watermelon can be found in Egyptian hieroglyphics dating back more than 5,000 year ago.  Watermelons thrive in dry areas, with more than 90% water in its fruit. they have long served as water source for both people & animal.

Evidence has been found that they were carried by explorers as a sort of naturally occurring water bottle.


bananaEven though there are more than 300 dif...

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The Planting Song – Earth Day Song for Children


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8 Unknown Facts about Palm Trees

As many as 100 palm species are endangered due to deforestation & unsustainable cultivation practices, below are 8 unknown facts about these tropical beauties:

1. There are about 2,600 palm trees species are currently known in the World.
The Arecaceae family of plants includes wonderfully diverse species found throughout the world, from the as dry as desert to the rainforest.

2. Palm trees have 2 different types of leaves: palmate and pinnate.
Palmate leaves, like hands, grow in a bunch at the end of a stem. Pinnate leaves are like feathers, growing all along either side of a stem. 

3. Not all palm are “trees,” and not all plants called “palms” are truly palms.
These evergreen plants can grow in the form of shrubs, trees or long, woody vines called lianas...

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7 Must-Know Indoor Garden Tips

  1. Location of plants – Select plants that suit the environment, because even the most dedicated gardener can’t make a sun-loving plant thrive in a cold & shady area. So, ensure that your plants are suited to the light levels and temperature of the room in which they’ll be positioned.
  2. Avoid direct sun- Direct sunlight is not suitable for most house-plants. Also, don’t place house-plants over direct sources of heat likes: radiators & etc.
  3. Avoid shady areas- Ensure there is sufficient light for your house-plants to photosynthesise effectively.
  4. Water wisely- Don’t over-water house-plants; adding some drainage material at the bottom of the pot will help to keep roots aerated and ensure that they don’t drown.
  5. Re-pot regularly- Aim to re-pot your house-plants into larger pots every ...
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Uses of Plants for Kids


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Growing Plant – Time Lapse


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