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Play GAME to Plant Real Trees…

Tree Planet is a great example of how technology and smartphones can be used to impact the real world.

Tree Planet was Founded in September 2010 by Hyung-soo Kim, Mincheol Jeong and Jaehyun kim, Tree Planet’s goal is to become the company which plants the highest number of trees around the world.

The app lets users themselves plant real trees through the company’s game. It is free to download and you can choose which part of the world you would like your tree to be planted in; Mongolia, South Korea or the Republic of Sudan.


Here’s how it works: Users play a game that challenges people to grow a virtual tree. Firstly people must dig a hole in the ground, plant seeds, pat your tree to encourage it, defend it from loggers and sheep and take care of it with water and fertilizer...

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Smart Irrigation Apps



Fresh water supply shortages are increasingly common in the Southeast US. The growing population in this region has been suggested as a key component contributing to this water stress as well as climate variability and change. A 2010 report indicated that by 2050 much of Florida is projected to be at ‘high’ to ‘extreme’ risk of water shortage while water shortage in Georgia is projected to range from ‘moderate’ to ‘extreme’ (Spencer and Altman, 2010). Irrigation has been shown to be a substantial user of fresh water supplies in the Southeast – both for agriculture and urban applications. Thus, irrigation provides one source of potential water savings if irrigation practices can be improved...

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“LikeThat Garden” App – Flower Search (By JustVisual Inc)

Discover and study thousands of flowers and plants with this gorgeous image recognition app. Using built-in visual search technology, LikeThat Garden, is a revolutionary app – you can simply hold up your device and snap a picture to learn more about what’s in front of you, via high resolution photos and detailed species name and descriptions, coupled with helpful information. And the addition of similar looking flowers and plants makes this app a dream for Gardeners, Educators, Travelers, Landscape Architects, Hikers, and anyone that loves the outdoors.

Is it a Tulips or a Crocus? Learning the name and species of the flower is now effortless with LikeThat Garden. Hold your phone in front of the flower, snap a picture and get an instant answer – no setup required!

Whether you’re looki...

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5 Eco-Friendly Apps

These new digital tools are making it easier than ever for us to arrest our ‘eco-unfriendliness’ habits and replace them with greener moves.

1. Images of Change – iOS

NASA provides it with this curated collection of photos for mobile user from its Global Climate Change website. Every new image is paired with an earlier shot of that same spot on the planet, showing how the face of the Earth is already undergoing visible transformation.

2. Carbon Choices – iOS

Carbon Choices allows you track everything from showers to menus to entertainment, and then estimate the carbon load your lifestyle creates across a year.

3. Light Bulb Finder – iOS| Android

With this shopping aid, you can compare bulbs that fit your fixtures and then click through to buy the ones you want.


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Plant Nanny App – Water You & Your Plants

Plant Nanny is a fun plant app that reminds you to drink your water every day.

This interesting app calculates your ideal amount of water needed each day based on your weight and activity level. And it includes some cute, virtual plant friends to keep you company.


The Plant Nanny app gives you the task of drinking a certain amount of water each day. You’ll also need to water your virtual plant friend. Drinking the right amount of water daily keeps you and your plant healthy. If you neglect your plant it will eventually die. Your progress (and your plant’s) is tracked in a couple of simple charts: History and Status.

This mobile app also includes a helpful Clock and Drink Reminder feature to keep you on track. And a warning if you’ve had too much water...

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