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8 world’s most spectacular parks

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts recently released an infographic that highlights some of the world’s most spectacular parks with insiders’ tips, park activities, interesting facts, park maps & points of interest

The infographic doles out handy info about 8 fantastic parks, including Hyde Park in London, Central Park in New York City, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Mt. Royal Park in Montreal, Beihai Park in Beijing, Park Guell in Barcelona and Stanley Park in Vancouver.

There are also fascinating nuggets of trivia to be found. For example, did you know that Golden Gate Park encompasses more than 1,000 acres and houses the oldest public Japanese garden in the United States?

More information and insider advice about 8 of the world’s most spectacular parks, are at...

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What Plants Talk About?


Be “Plants For Our Future” Fan:

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Activate your ‘World Environment Day 2015′ Today!

-W.E.D is widely celebrated. More than 100 countries are involved in the public outreach holiday.
-We need to change fast. The United Nation reports that at the current rate of population growth & consumption patterns, we will need 3 planets to sustain itself by the year 2050.

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Fight Dengue with Flowers

According an environmental health expert, Mr Veeramohan Supramaniam from Malaysian Association of Environmental Health (MAEH) said, the most effective ways of combating dengue is to beautify the environment with flowering plants. Because mosquitoes would often become sluggish upon feeding on nectar, making them easy prey to bigger insects, spiders, frogs and lizards.

He has been conducting field research and epidemiological studies to learn more about the dengue threat and is engaged in advising the authorities on ways to refine the existing prevention programme, which is based on World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

He said the WHO guidelines focused on outbreaks at residential units...

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Global Landscapes Forum 2014

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Malaysia PM’s renewed commitment to sustainable growth & climate action in 2014

The Malaysia Prime Minister’s recent speech (see above video) in the Energy for Tomorrow conference organised by International New York Times is welcomed.

Also mentioned was Malaysia’s commitment in pushing ASEAN towards sustainable development, as Malaysia will chair ASEAN in 2015. Here are the excerpts from parts of his speech:

“As next year’s Asean chair, Malaysia will be the advocate for sustainable growth and climate action. Next year, Malaysia will play its part. We are optimistic about securing cleaner energy for tomorrow.”

“I believe that a fast-developing nation such as ours will have an important role to play. We can demonstrate that sustainable development is not an indulgence, but a precursor for success.”

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Top 7 ways to cut household emissions

As human population continues to grow, we continue to burn dwindling fossil fuel supplies in order to keep up with our increasing power demands, harming our environment with carbon emissions in the process.

Below are few easy ways to cut your household emissions.

1. Cooling

Around 40% of Malaysian households’ electricity consumption goes into keeping homes cool. Setting the air-conditioning temperature no lower than 24 degrees Celsius, restricting the amount of time it is used in a day and using fans instead whenever the heat is more tolerable.

2. Lighting

Cut down on electricity consumption by using fewer light sources, switching off lights that are not in use, relying on sunlight to illuminate rooms in the daytime and switching from incandescent to energy-saving fluorescent bulbs to ...

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3 Malaysian SuperFruits


The citric acid present in lime juice can helps to detoxify your body and speed up your metabolism (it will helps you to lose weight).

Drinking a glass of cold filtered water with lemon juice is a great way to start your day. Limes are a great source of vitamin C which helps boost your immune system.

So the next time you are at a ‘mamak’, order a ‘limau ais kosong’ instead of a ‘teh tarik’ for a much healthier choice.



Bromelain enzyme found in the pineapples juice has been used medicinally since ancient times to help reduce inflammation, slow blood clotting and even enhance the absorption of antibiotics. Bromelain also can be used to control the growth of tumours and malignant cells.

Pineapple not only delicious to eat on a sweltering day but it is also known fo...

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Weird Looking Flowers


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Look Up & Go Out!

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