Jun 2012 – Caryota No

Caryota No

Caryota No
(Giant Fishtail Palm, Sarawak Fishtail Palm)

This is one of the biggest of all the fishtail palms and is a true majestic giant in all respects. Plants may grow to more than 25 meter tall with a trunk 50 cm or more across and have a crown of obliquely arching to horizontal fronds which have stiff pinnae and pendulous leaflets.

The crowded leaf-bases usually hide the trunk. Individual fronds may grow to 4 meter long and be nearly 3 meter wide. The grey trunk is stout and bulging in a manner reminiscent of Roystonea Regia. Inflorescences which may measure over 2.5 meter long, carry cream flowers or large, black fruit, each of which contain two seeds.

This species, native of Borneo would be an excellent palm for the tropical lowlands. It has been reduced to great rarity in the wild by the collection of its cabbage which is described as being delicious. It has also been known as Caryota rumphiana var. borneensis.

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