Intelligent Trees

A forester and scientist have been studying communication between trees for decades; their incredible observations can be seen in the new documentary, ‘Intelligent Trees.’
‘Trees can form bonds like an old couple and look after each other. ‘
‘Trees have feelings. They can feel pain, but can also have emotions, such as fear.’
‘Trees like to stand close together and cuddle.’
‘There is in fact friendship among trees.’

These are just a few of the wonderful observations made by tree whisperer, Peter Wohlleben, the German forester extraordinaire and best-selling author of “The Hidden Life of Trees.”
Peter Wohlleben #hiddenlifeoftrees and #SuzanneSimard discuss how.
Forest ecologist Dr. Suzanne Simard and her students have discovered that Mother trees can recognize their own kin over unrelated seedlings and help them survive. Also starring forester and bestselling author Peter Wohlleben (‘the Hidden Life of Trees’). Episodes 2 and 3 as well as a long documentary version (45 mins) available via

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