Jan-Mar 2011

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Emerging economies boost Earth Hour participation

WWF International
“From now until Earth Hour 2012, WWF-Malaysia is urging everyone across the …. a personal commitment to stop using plastic bags, to recycle and reuse, 
March 26, 2011

WWF to strengthen Tambunan water resource
The Borneo Post
The project focuses on a pilot site in the Malaysian side of the HoB landscape in Sabah. In this three-year project (2010-2012), WWF acts as facilitator and implementer by working in partnership with the relevant stakeholders. WWF is working alongside 

March 25, 2011

KNVC To Start Exporting Organic Fertilizers Worth RM10 Million This Year
Under the agreement, PT TIM, which produces organic aloe vera-based fertilizer products, will supply its raw materials to KNVC which in turn will reprocess, repack, market and distribute the products in Malaysia and neighbouring countries like Myanmar, 
March 25, 2011

Tourism Malaysia returns to Chelsea Flower Show in 2011
This year’s garden will again be designed by the award-winning design duo, James Wong, who is of Malaysian descent, and David Cubero. Both designers were at the helm for last year’s garden success story at Chelsea. In 2010, the Tourism Malaysia garden …
March 24, 2011

Malaysia’s First Solar Powered Recycling Centre Launched in UKM
UKM News portal
Malaysia’s First Solar Powered Recycling Centre Launched in UKM  “I am confident that UKM willachieve our target to recycle 22% of its solid waste by 
March 23, 2011

Malaysia Imports Foodstuff Worth RM13 Billion Annually
“The Green Earth and Edible Garden projects implemented in Felda schemes can reduce our dependence on imported foodstuff,” he said after presenting agriculture equipments to farmers under Bera Parliamentary Agricultural Development Council in Durian 
March 20, 2011

RM274,000 collected from No Plastic Bag campaign
Malaysia Star
Centre for Environment, Technology and Development Malaysia (Cetdem)  are not enough recycling centres to promote the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) habit, 
March 18, 2011

Teaching the young to recycle

Malaysia Star
WHAT started off as recycling project to “Save Mother Earth” among 3,800 students in five schools in the Melawati area is expected to be extended to other schools in the Hulu Kelang and Ampang area.
Initiated by the Rotary Club of Melawati, the recycling project will reach out to about 20,000 in more than 20 schools in both the districts before the end of this year.
The coordinator for the project and president elect of the Rotary Club of Melawati Sudhaharan Nair said the objective was to encourage schoolchildren to make a positive contribution to life at school, community and the environment.
“By actively participating in the recycling project in their respective schools, it creates an opportunity for the students to get a real life learning experience on how to get the project started, be fully involved and make it their lifestyle.
“By collecting and selling recyclable items like plastic bottles, newspaper, aluminium cans, glass bottles and cardboards, the schools can generate income for their activities. Save Mother Earth literature was also distributed to the pupils and teachers.
“The club has arranged for the recyclable items collected by the schools to be purchased by Alam Flora and the funds collected can be utilised by the schools to fund students’ activities.
“The environmental benefits are that we are able to conserve valuable resources and save energy by converting used materials into new products, reducing the need to consume natural resources and protect the natural habitat,” he added.
The schools involved in the project initially were SK Taman Melawati 2, SMK Wangsa Melawati, SK Wangsa Melawati, SRK (Tamil) Taman Melawati and SK Klang Gates.
Sudhaharan said the students in these schools were shown how recycling helped in protecting the environment by reducing the need for extraction and refining and processing raw materials, all of which created substantial air and water pollution.
“What’s more important is that recycling reduced the amount of rubbish sent to landfills, thus reducing the need for more land to be converted into landfill sites.
“We also gave talks on how recycling helped in resolving climate change by cutting down methane emitted by the rotting of biodegradable materials under pressure in landfill sites and also reduced carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.”
Each school was provided with recycling bins and bunting carrying the recycling message, the cost of which was borne by the Rotary Club of Melawati and CIMB Foundation grant.
He added that the project had raised awareness on recycling among schoolchildren, teachers and staff.
“As a community based Rotary Club, our service projects are aimed at benefitting the people in our neighbourhood.”
From research, Sudhaharan said Malaysia produced about 19,000 tonnes of waste every day, and a majority of it was sent to landfills.
“The production of waste is expected to increase to 30,000 tonnes by 2020. Currently only 5% of the waste are being recycled.
“Malaysia has 230 landfills and 80% of them will reach capacity within the next two years and there is soon going to be big problem securing land for landfills,” he said.he said.
As a result, Sudhaharan said there was a serious need to raise awareness among the community on the importance of keeping the environment clean and the benefits of recycling things around the house, at work and at school.
A representative from Alam Flora also gave a talk on the importance of recycling to the students and teachers of the participating schools during the school assembly.
The club intends to progressively implement the project in all the other schools in the Ulu Klang area. The Rotary Club’s project partner is Alam Flora Sdn Bhd.
March 14, 2011

Biofuel appeal stokes bullish palm price outlook
2 producer Malaysia to subsidise palm-based biofuel at the pump to keep its price on par with petroleum diesel, two industry sources told Reuters, ..
March 8, 2011

An invitation to be green envoys
Malaysia Star

Bayer (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is inviting Malaysia students in higher learning institutions to participate in the sixth Bayer Young Environmental Envoy Competition 2011. The programme is organised in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and aims to develop young environmental leaders and boost environmental awareness among the youth.
Selected students will have the opportunity to join youth delegates from 17 other countries on a week-long study trip to Germany. They will get to exchange ideas and learn how the government, industry and people work together towards environmental protection.
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia student Jerry Lee Lin Jian, who went on the study trip last year, says: “I am grateful to Bayer for giving me the opportunity to learn about the various forms of environmental protection in Germany.”
Meanwhile, Haneesa Zahidah Mohd Shah Redza from Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia says that through the programme, her network of like-minded people has expanded to three continents around the world.
“It is very empowering to know that halfway across the world, someone is fighting for the same cause as I am, with just as much passion,” she adds.
University students from all over the country aged between 18 and 24 are invited to send in their individual proposals for an environmental project that can be implemented in their local community or university. The deadline is March 15.
A total of 10 students will be selected to be Bayer Young Environmental Envoys and invited to join a five-day youth environmental camp in Malaysia.
Two envoys with the best implemented projects will be chosen to represent the country in the environmental programme in Germany from October 16 to 21. For more information, log on to 
February 27, 2011

Ministry Looks At Replanting Rubber To Meet Increasing Demand
Malaysia currently has 1.2 million hectares of rubber land,  regarded as a green material for the rubber product manufacturing industry particularly tyre 
February 24, 2011

‘Green menu’ to help conserve marine life
Malaysia Star
 efforts by offering an alternative “green menu,” WWF Malaysia said.  food and beverage (F&B) industry would help combat the depletion of Malaysia’s …
February 15, 2011

Green Skills for Green Jobs
CSR Asia
This greening of the economy can offer competitive benefits to industry. … In Malaysia, the Green Technology Policy launched by the Prime Minister in 2009 …
February 9, 2011

Build more parks and gardens around Kuala Lumpur City areas
Malaysia Star
Similarly, moves by KL City Hall to transform the Federal capital into the greenest city in Malaysia will undoubtedly be well received. As a matter of fact, 
February 8, 2011

Recyclers eye entry into Asian markets
Asahi Shimbun
Thailand and Malaysia are also preparing laws for recycling household appliances. According to METI, by 2020 the Asian recycling market is expected to 
February 8, 2011

Malay scientists use tropical fruits to make batteries
Environmental Expert
Malaysian engineers are harnessing the country’s biodiversity to find  carbon could be outsourced as a cottage industry to those living in rural areas. 
February 2, 2011

Gunung Jerai to get botanical garden
Malaysia Star
The allocation is from the 10th Malaysia Plan for tourism activities,” she said after meeting with state MCA leaders here yesterday. 
January 29, 2011

Penang looks to Japan for waste disposal technology – The 
The Malaysian Insider
“Malaysia, like Japan is growing rapidly in industrial activities and  with the Malaysian Government in promoting the new technologies on recycling of 
January 22, 2011

Sabah channels energy into going green
Malaysia, January 18 – Sabah is set to lead the way in renewable energy with … water and the recovery of useful by-products from the palm oil industry. …
January 18, 2011

Ministry of Tourism to upgrade Malaysia’s Parks and Gardens
Dr. Francis Ng”s blog
The Minister of Tourism, Ng Yen Yen, who is a very keen gardenr, has decided to use tourism to drive the upgrading of parks and gardens in Malaysia…

January 16, 2011

Stamp of approval
Malaysia Star
There are no precise figures, but the organic industry in Malaysia is easily …. there are many “green farms” that are interested to get on the bandwagon, 

January 04, 2011

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