This Tree had never been completely photographed until 2012

The Giant Sequoia

One of the largest trees in the world, stands 75.3 meter tall, 8.2 meter wide, measures 1,274.3 cubic metres in volume, and is an estimated 3,200 years old (The tree representing 110 generations of human life.)

Due to the huge size of the tree,it’s never been completely photographed until a tree-climbing scientist from National Geographic got involved a year plus ago. (End of year 2012)

With 32 days of work to take 126 individual photos, stitched together to create one amazing image.
Michael “Nick” Nichols worked on the image for National Geographic

Photo Credits : Michael “Nick” Nichols (National Geographic)

Photo Credits : Michael “Nick” Nichols (National Geographic)

Photo Credits : Michael “Nick” Nichols (National Geographic)

Photo Credits : Michael “Nick” Nichols (National Geographic)

How tall is the tree?
It would take 46 people of average height (1.62m) standing on each other’s heads to reach the top of Giant Sequoia Tree. And it’s still growing…

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