World’s Largest Botanical Garden To-Be (Oman)

The Middle Eastern country of Oman is set to be the location of what will be the worlds largest botanic garden.As the brainchild of Haley Sharpe DesignArup  and  Grimshaw, the future Oman Botanic Gardens will include 8 habitats, a green forest area, and extensive research and visitor facilities.

The architecture, engineering, landscaping, and interpretive design in a scheme of over 1,000+ acres Construction begins in 2018, but in the meantime, you can see images of the proposed project below.

Images: Haley Sharpe Design

The gardens, with guidance offered by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said will celebrate the country’s botanic diversity in the foothills of the Al Hajar Mountains. Here, an ancient seabed is still visible after it was elevated to 100m above sea level by tectonic activity.

The scheme uses the diverse landscape to its advantage, working within the undulating land and natural ridges and ravines to generate walkways and inform building elements.

Visitors to the gardens will enjoy open walkways that run through the undulating landscape, winding through the wadis, mountains and desert plains as they enjoy the impressive botanic diversity. Inside the two biomes, which house the most unique or sensitive flora, the interior environments were carefully designed to mimic the natural temperature and humidity of the plants’ native climate. Along with the visitor’s centre, the complex will have additional spaces for education and research facilities dedicated to protecting the region’s ample bio-diversity.

The garden’s buildings and the landscape architecture were all designed to meet the standards of  LEED Platinum.  Making the design sustainable was quite a challenge given the region’s water scarcity. Thanks to advanced systems, the entire complex will operate with a grey water irrigation system that works in collaboration with sustainably-sourced water.

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