Acacia Mangium (Broad-leaved Acacia)

Acacia Mangium (Broad-leaved Acacia)
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Another popular Acacia species that has made its entry into our Malaysian landscape is the Acacia Mangium or locally called Broad-leaved Acacia(Akasia Daun Lebar). This tree with light green broad leaves and conical shaped was introduced as timber trees in plantations for the pulp and paper industry in Sabah in 1966.

The tree is native to Queensland, Australia aswell as Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya and in parts of Indonesia. Today, Broad leaved Acacia is still planted in parks but its use as stree trees has been discouraged becuase of brittle branches. The threat from this species is that it is found growing wild almost in any open space in cities, rural areas as well as on the friges of forest.

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