World Most Famous Botanic Gardens

World Most Famous Botanic Gardens
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Singapore Botanical Gardens (Singapore)
Almost in the centre of the modern metropolis is a real Paradise – Singapore Botanic gardens (Singapore Botanic Gardens) in complex with the National Orchid garden and “Gardens by the Bay”. This exotic oasis is more like a fantastic Park, decorated in a futuristic style, and has been operating for over 150 years.
Its open spaces, visitors can see not only the unusual trees and plants of strange form but many bridges, ornate structures of the supertree. Each fantastic creation is a special frame, which is planted with ferns and tropical flowers.

On the territory of this unique natural complex created by the national Orchid garden, which houses the world’s largest collection of these magical plants. It is difficult to imagine, but only 3 acres of land is home to more than 60 thousand of the most famous and coveted flower on the planet.
And the good news is this tropical oasis in a harmonious tandem of many individual parks, and various recreation areas open to visitors free of charge from 5-00 to 24-00 hours a day!

Tropical Garden Nong Nooch (Thailand)
Tropical garden Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is one of the largest Botanical gardens in Southeast Asia. It has found its place in the most exotic tropical plants from around the world, many of which are endangered.

This reserve consists of demonstration gardens embellished with stunning live songs, in different styles, you can also visit the garden of the plantings, the Park of orchids and cacti.

Among other things, this conservation area is a Park of butterflies, two huge artificial ponds, theatre+, zoo, and even has a College of landscape architecture, as well as a miniature railway.

Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Botanical garden (Jardim Botânico Fanchette Rischbieter) in Rio de Janeiro was founded in 1808 by Portuguese king John VI on a relatively small plot of land of approximately 140 hectares at its Original territory were acclimatized very useful and popular Indian spicy plants such as nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper.
But over time he turned into an oasis of exotic plants and now in his possession, there are about 6500 species of the most incredible species of flora, some of which have almost disappeared from the face of the earth. For the most refined territories, visitors can see collections of bromeliads, orchids, incredible coniferous plants and exotic cacti. Additionally, this amazing complex is huge Botanical library, which contains Assembly … dried fruits and berries, the herbarium of rare

Brazilian plants, and many of the most incredible photos.
Here you can stroll through the fantastic gardens, including the cactus, Japanese “Garden of senses” and even visit “Lake fisherman”, which exactly reproduces the Amazonian landscape. And the famous pond Lago Frei Leandro, where tourists can see a unique water lily “Victoria”.

Not only fountains, sculptures and monuments adorn the whole of the protected ensemble, but the most memorable will be a close encounter with monkeys Capuchin, martini, and if you’re lucky and toucans. All of the vast Park can be seen in close proximity to around 140 species of birds, rare species of amphibians, unfortunately, some of them in the wild already and will not meet. This is an amazing and beautiful place in 1992 was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO and are now protected by law.

Montreal Botanical Garden (Canada)
Today the Botanical garden (Montreal Botanical garden) is a delightful oasis in downtown Montreal, which is the real attraction, which is very popular, both among citizens and among the many millions of travellers. This unique island of vegetation in the harsh climate of Canada is considered one of the most beautiful Botanical gardens in the world.

The huge territory of the garden is divided into 30 themed Park areas, the total collection of which includes more than 26 thousand species of flora, along with 10 exhibition greenhouses. The exposure of the individual zones reflects not only the vegetation of a particular region or country but their traditions.

Great popularity among tourists: a garden of poisonous plants, a rose garden and Alpine garden. All of these unique greenhouses and Park area are open to visitors all year round, but the “busy season” is from February to April, when the vastness of the show-the exhibition Butterflies Go Free.


Brooklyn Botanic Garden New York (USA)
Brooklyn Botanic garden (Brooklyn Botanic Garden) is a beautiful and fragrant island in the middle of a modern metropolis. Although the area is not so big, only 100 hectares, but they have had about a million different kinds of plants, and all this beauty combined in 50 collections, which gathered representatives of the flora from around the world.

Some parks have created special conditions because there are instances of growing in tropical rain forests, cactus deserts, there is even exposure with magnificent ancient trees.

In the realm of Botanical gardens located several greenhouses, rock gardens, ponds with water lilies and lotuses and unique rock gardens, azaleas, orchids and the most popular and delicious during flowering – a garden of flowering cherries. This complex is open for visitors and residents all year round because it is the most beautiful attraction of the city, and still stands as the largest research base.


The Palace and Park complex Versailles (Paris, France)
The gardens of Versailles in Paris is the splendour and luxury of mother nature, multiplied by a unique creation of human hands. The most ordinary and mundane hunting Lodge of King Louis XIII eventually rebuilt by the descendants in a Palace surrounded by a gorgeous garden just turned into a real attraction in all of France.

Already Louis XIV turned this area into refined and exquisite Park, believing that in this way proves the greatness and power of the king, because in the world of such a magnificent creature still was not equal.

Here since then the whole Palace and Park complex of Versailles (covers an area of 900 hectares), embellished not only by natural exhibits but also sculptures, fountains, grottoes and lakes have become a popular place of entertainment for the kings and the Palace elite. Now it has become a popular place of pilgrimage for the many millions of tourists and is a World culture heritage under the protection of UNESCO.

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