What do you do with Aged and Diseased Trees?

What do you do with Aged and Diseased Trees?
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British Sculptor David Nash makes monumental works from aged and diseased Trees previously displayed at The Royal Botanic Garden, Kew. Being a passionate environmentalist, he is using trees from the site that have fallen due to disease or old age as the basis for his new works.

His main tools are a chainsaw, an axe to carve the wood and fire to char it. It’s a collaborative process for him: “between the artist, his material and the natural world.” Some of the sculptures are black, the wood having been charred and then oiled. This protects the pieces from insect attacks.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Let’s see some of his excellent sculptures:

Cork Bark CC By 2.0

Cork Spire 2012 CC By 2.0

Cork Dome 2012  CC By 2.0

Three Butts 2012 CC By 2.0

Flame Column 2012 CC By 2.0

Cairn Column 2012 CC By 2.0

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