World Horticultural Exposition 2014 – 青岛世园会

World Horticultural Exposition 2014 – 青岛世园会
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Qingdao, in East China’s Shandong province, will welcomes visitors from around the world for the 2014 International Horticultural Exposition. And It is the first coastal city to host this international event.



Design concepts and progress
The whole garden is divided into 7 color zones, The red zone will combine exhibition gardens from China’s municipalities and cities from Shandong province; the orange zone aims to bring green concepts to visitors; the yellow herb zone will display how plants fight against pollution and disease; the green zone is designed to provide a garden paradise for children; the light green area will display nature through the latest scientific applications; the blue area will display advanced low-carbon technologies for green enterprises; the purple area will be an international garden where various countries can display their horticultural characteristics.

The demolition of houses in the area has been completed and roads and infrastructure are under construction, and trees are being planted strategically to be in full bloom when the expo begins operation.

A trial run of the expo park will begin by the end of March 2014, followed by the formal opening of the expo from April to October 2014.

Unique characteristics
Building an event in “world-class Chinese fashion; Shandong characteristics and Qingdao brand,” is the objective of the expo, according to Li. (Director of Qingdao Horticultural Expo Bureau and secretary-general of the Qingdao Horticultural Expo organizing committee).

“It’s the 1st time the horticultural expo will be held in a coastal city in China, so aquatic plants and marine plants will be of particular interest to visitors,” said Li.

Baiguo Mountain contains a lotus garden boasting more than 1,200 kinds of water lilies, including some rarities, Li said. He said the organizing committee is working with the Ocean University of China to display types of marine flora.

“Most people know what beer tastes like, but little have seen hop flowers. So we may exhibit Qingdao’s branded enterprises such as Tsingdao Beer in the park,” he added.

Wu added, however, the biggest highlight of the expo is to integrate the expo park with the surrounding décor of mountains and water, just like seven heavenly maidens scattering flowers and colorful belts to the earth.

In terms of innovation, the Qingdao expo will use the latest technology, such as greening the roofs of all buildings, the world’s longest flower road, full Bluetooth coverage and displays reviewing previous horticultural expositions, according to Wu.

In harmony with nature
The expo’s organizing committee has invited Qingdao Agricultural University to conduct a general investigation of the plant resources. Birds and animals in and around the park as well as plants will be chosen according to environmental impact,” according to Li.

Priority is given to protection of plants in the construction plan, such as watering and dust collecting equipment installed on drilling machines to control dust.

As well, the committee is working with Tongji University to utilize kitchen and bath water for irrigation.

“The horticultural expo aims to maintain Qingdao’s draw and garner constant attention from the world,” said Li.

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