EarthDay 2020: 9 ways to celebrate 50th anniversary (Covid19 lockdown)

EarthDay 2020: 9 ways to celebrate 50th anniversary (Covid19 lockdown)
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Earth Day is observed on April 22 around the world every year to support environmental protection. The day is dedicated to key activities such as raising awareness about the environment and its advocacy. This day, schoolchildren take part in awareness rallies, environmentalists organised several events and symposium to inform and educate people about the role of every individual in saving the environment.

This year due to coronavirus(Covid19) outbreak, a lot of people can’t become a part of any such programs. But, we can surely do our bit while staying at home.

1. Plant a tree

If you have seeds with you in your house, you can place them in your garden and water them daily. Trees produce oxygen which essential for both humans and wildlife to survive. But, a lot of trees are cut down every year to make homes, a shopping centre or other building projects. Planting a tree can restore the balance of the ecosystem and create a memory for you and your family.

2. Recycle

Earth Day is an opportunity to teach your children about recycling. You can use the trash in your kitchen or houses like paper, plastic or aluminium and make something decorative.

3. Speak Up

Take out your smartphone and share your views and the importance of protecting the natural ecosystem.

4. Watch films on environment protection

Since many of you will not be working at home, you can use this opportunity to watch films or documentaries made on the above subjects.

5. Read a book

You can read an online book on environment protection and increase your knowledge. Education is key to everything that you do for the ecosystem. You can share it others who may be interested in it.

6. Play with children in garden

You can utilise this time to embrace nature and teach your children about the importance of spending time in nature. Nature is known to heal everything. Getting some fresh air can instantly remove stress.

7. Make sure your workplace is eco-friendly

Since you are not in your office, You can keep some plants in your room. It will increase the flow of oxygen in your room and make you feel better.

8. Adopt a creature

You can adopt a creature online and bring it home once the lockdown period is over. The pet will also remind you about the environment. At the same time, you will also be able to rescue and take care of your favourite animals.

9. Make list of to-do things

Make a list of things that you will do in one year to bring necessary changes related to the environment. It can be keeping the surroundings clean, working with an NGO which fights against deforestation, etc.

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