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On 13 September 2014, SJH Nursery & Landscaping Sdn. Bhd. are delighted to promote the ‘Go Green’ event of Malaysian Nature Society(MNS) by donating Trees seedlings to their 67th National AGM event at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia(UTeM) Melaka.

Together with volunteers from MNS and students of UTeM, All tree seedlings  are planted along lakeside 🙂

SJHnursery-Malaysian Nature Society(MNS)2014

Newsletter Of  Malaysian Nature Society October 2014

Malaysian Nature Society - SJH 2014 banner

MNS-SJH 2014-5

MNS-SJH 2014-2

MNS-SJH 2014-4

MNS-SJH 2014-8

MNS-SJH 2014-13

MNS-SJH 2014-11

MNS-SJH 2014-14

MNS-SJH 2014-3

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