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Oct 2017 – Bismarckia Nobilis ‘Silver’

Bismarckia Nobilis 'Silver'

Bismarckia Nobilis ‘Silver’
(Silver Bismarck)

A magnificent fan palm prized for its large, heavy crown of blue-green leaves which creak in the slightest breeze The lamina may be in excess of 3 Meter across and is strongly costapalmate with rigid, waxy segments.

It is supported by a very thick petiole which is covered with a waxy, wooly material. The petiole splits at the base, where it is attached to the trunk. The trunk itself is stout, clear of petiole bases and may reach 10 Meter tall in nature.

The fruit is about 3 cm across and brown when ripe. In cultivation, the palm is reputed to be fast growing. It is ideal for group planting and seen at its best in an open situation where it can develop to its potential...

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