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Apr 2018 – Brahea Edulis

Brahea Edulis

Brahea Edulis
(Guadaloupe Palm)

When in fruit, this palm bears prodigious quantities of small (25-35 mm across), round, black fruit which have a freshly, sweet pulp around the seed. This pulp is edible and in some specimens is very acceptable and tasty. Native to Guadalupe Island off the west coast of Mexico where it grows in deep, warm ravines.

This palm is now promoted for its large, handsome, fan leaves, its hardiness and it tasty fruit. Mature specimens are very ornamental, with a large crown of heavy, green fronds atop a stout trunk to 10 meter x 40 cm. Plants have proved to be very adaptable in cultivation, succeeding from subtropical to temperate areas and even withstanding frosts.

Young plants, which are generally slow growing, tolerate exposure to full sun, but well-drained soils a...

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