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Feb 2018 – Areca Catechu

Areca Catechu

Areca Catechu
(Betel Nut Palm, Pinang Sirih)

A tropical palm the seeds of which form the basis of a huge industry. As a consequence, this palm, which probably originated in either Malaysia or the Philippines, is a familiar sight in tropical regions around the world. It has become naturalised in many countries. It is characteristically a very tall, slender palm with a crown-shaft and a small, crowded crown of semi-erect, silvery pinnate fronds. The fruit, if they are allowed to ripen, are quite large and colourful, varying from orange to scarlet.

The species is reputedly cold-sensitive and will only thrive in the warm tropics although healthy plants are known from gardens in subtropical regions. It likes deep, well-drained soils and plenty of water during dry spells.

Young plants will tolera...

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Nov 2017 – Borassus Flabellifer

Borassus Flabellifer

Borassus Flabellifer
(Toddy Palm, Lontar, Sea Apple)

This tall palm is frequently noticeable in drier tropical regions where it grows to perfection. It is native to India and Malaysia and is widespread and common in open situations, frequently growing in dry, sandy soils near the coast and often forming communities.

The hard, black trunks are often curved and bear a dead skirt beneath the crown of large (3 Meter across), rigid, blue-green, fan-shaped leaves. In its native state the very old plants are cut for their hard, black timber and also the sap is topped to yield palm sugar and the leaves may be made into paper.

When fresh, the large, black fruit (almost as large as coconuts) contain one to three large seeds which are surrounded by a layer of orange, fibrous flesh which is sweet and j...

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May 2017 – Cyrtostachys renda

Cyrtostachys Lakka

Cyrtostachys Lakka
(Lipstick Palm, Pinang Rajah)

The Brilliant, glossy, scarlet leaf-bases and petioles which characterise this tropical species make it one of the most colourful and ornamental of all palms.

With this colour contrasting with its dark green, erect leaflets and added to the neat, clumping habit, it is perhaps surprising that the species is not more widely grown than it is at present. There is some suggestion that it may not be an easy plant to establish and it is certainly very tropical in its requirements.

Plants will grown in shade or full sun and require plenty of water at all times. The slender stems grow to about 6 meter tall. Also excellent in large containers.

The palm is native to Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo and grows in near coastal swamps...

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Jan 2017 – Livistona Rotundifolia

Livistona Rotundifolia

Livistona Rotundifolia
(Footstool Palm, Serdan, Serdang Palm Daun Bulat)

Those plants grown in a deeply shady situation will retain the juvenile leaves much longer than grown in the open. The Footstool Palm is native to Malaysia and Indonesia where it grows in large impressive colonies. In its native state the cabbage is collected and eaten and the dark violet fruit is eaten by children. It is an ideal palm for tropical climates and needs protection from direct sun when small. Rich soils promote strong, vigorous growth. In districts with a cold winter the plants struggle and are very slow growing.

A very striking variety is native to the Philippine island of Luzon. This is known as var. luzonensis and has a slender trunk with prominent white rings...

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hibiscus rosa sinensis

National Flower – Hibiscus


The spirit of this word will soon resonate in our country as we celebrate National Day on 31,August 2016

Do you know stories about our country national flower (Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis)?

Hibiscus is derived from the Greek word hibiskos. Belonging to a family of flowering plants known as Malvaceae, it has few hundreds of species which are native to tropical and sub-tropical weather. Colours range from white to yellow, peach, pink and red.

Our national flower is the ‘Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis’ with a red colour flower. In the Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial(Kuala Lumpur), stands a plaque which explains the symbolism of this species of hibiscus as our national flower...

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Malaysia PM’s renewed commitment to sustainable growth & climate action in 2014

The Malaysia Prime Minister’s recent speech (see above video) in the Energy for Tomorrow conference organised by international New York Times is welcomed.

Also mentioned was Malaysia’s commitment to pushing ASEAN towards sustainable development, as Malaysia will chair ASEAN in 2015. Here are the excerpts from parts of his speech:

“As of next year’s ASEAN chair, Malaysia will be the advocate for sustainable growth and climate action. Next year, Malaysia will play its part. We are optimistic about securing cleaner energy for tomorrow.”

“I believe that a fast-developing nation such as ours will have an important role to play. We can demonstrate that sustainable development is not an indulgence, but a precursor for success.”

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Malaysia Frogs won the most ‘Beautiful sound in the world’!


Photo credits : Wikimedia

Marc Anderson (A Sound recordist & Photographer based in Sydney) is the man behind who recorded the sound of Malaysia frogs singing in Swamp .

He won the most ‘Beautiful sound in the world’ from an online competition organized by Sound expert Julian Treasure

Press > button below to enjoy this beautiful sound of nature : 

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2011 Events

Green Business : The Economy of the Future
SJH Nursery & Landscaping Sdn Bhd has the privilege to supply green plants to Taiwan based “Green Company” namely 創森環境空間設計有限公司.

The company are into promoting sustainable & cost effective way through “Green Wall” planting structure to nurture crops and plants in IGEM (International GreenTech & Eco Products Exhibition of Malaysia) exhibition hold on 2011 (07-10 September 2011).

igem2011_01 igem2011_03




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Jan-Mar 2011

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Emerging economies boost Earth Hour participation

WWF International
“From now until Earth Hour 2012, WWF-Malaysia is urging everyone across the …. a personal commitment to stop using plastic bags, to recycle and reuse, 
March 26, 2011

WWF to strengthen Tambunan water resource
The Borneo Post
The project focuses on a pilot site in the Malaysian side of the HoB landscape in Sabah. In this three-year project (2010-2012), WWF acts as facilitator and implementer by working in partnership with the relevant stakeholders. WWF is working alongside 

March 25, 2011

KNVC To Start Exporting Organic Fertilizers Worth RM10 Milli...

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Oct-Dec 2010

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Green Atmosphere Expects RM20 Million GDV For Its Garden Explore …
He also said the project will be Malaysia’s first outdoor living mart that would … With a whole year round of events to be organised, the Garden Explore …
December 29, 2010

Recycled Jewelry Makes Beautiful, Unique Gifts
Artisans around the world are crafting eco friendly jewellery from food waste, recycled glass and stone, records and even breast milk. Also see more recycled jewellery and eco friendly jewellery buying tips.

Recycling is becoming second nature for people who are making an effort to sustain resources, express their creativity and s...
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