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8 Unknown Facts about Palm Trees

As many as 100 palm species are endangered due to deforestation & unsustainable cultivation practices, below are 8 unknown facts about these tropical beauties:

1. There are about 2,600 palm trees species are currently known in the World.
The Arecaceae family of plants includes wonderfully diverse species found throughout the world, from the as dry as desert to the rainforest.

2. Palm trees have 2 different types of leaves: palmate and pinnate.
Palmate leaves, like hands, grow in a bunch at the end of a stem. Pinnate leaves are like feathers, growing all along either side of a stem. 

3. Not all palm are “trees,” and not all plants called “palms” are truly palms.
These evergreen plants can grow in the form of shrubs, trees or long, woody vines called lianas...

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The Fate of The Oldest Trees on Earth?

Bristlecone pines are the longest-living tree…


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The Great Bristlecone pines (Pinus longaeva) are remarkable for their great age and the ability to survive in adverse growing conditions. In fact, it seems one secret to their longevity is the harsh environment. But as the rise of global warming effects, this strategy may no longer protect them when the mountains getting warmer, allowing other trees to reach higher. What will be the fate of the bristlecone pine? The short film is produced by KPCC’s Audio Vision

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