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May 2017 – Cyrtostachys renda

Cyrtostachys Lakka

Cyrtostachys Lakka
(Lipstick Palm, Pinang Rajah)

The Brilliant, glossy, scarlet leaf-bases and petioles which characterise this tropical species make it one of the most colourful and ornamental of all palms.

With this colour contrasting with its dark green, erect leaflets and added to the neat, clumping habit, it is perhaps surprising that the species is not more widely grown than it is at present. There is some suggestion that it may not be an easy plant to establish and it is certainly very tropical in its requirements.

Plants will grown in shade or full sun and require plenty of water at all times. The slender stems grow to about 6 meter tall. Also excellent in large containers.

The palm is native to Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo and grows in near coastal swamps...

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Mimosa Pigra (Elephant Thorn)

Mimosa PigraElephant Thorns or Duri Gajah is fast becoming a major problem in landscape not only in Malaysia but also in many tropical countries. The plant originated from South America but was brought to other parts of the world as green manure and cover crops.

It first entered Thailand in 1947 and made its way to Malaysia soon after that. Today it has spread as far as Indonesia and Australia causing serious problems to human and animals. They can be seen to sprout out of unlikely places such as local electricity substations (TNB’s substations), around campus, along riverbanks and lakes and ponds.

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