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Sep 2011 – Veitchia Merrillii

Veitchia Merrillii

Veitchia Merrillii
(Dwarf Royal Palm, Manila Palm)

A familiar tropical species which is native to the Philippine islands. It is becoming widely planted, especially in tropical areas and is favoured because of its neat habit and compact crown of arching, bright green, feathery fronds atop a green crown-shaft and a slender, ringed trunk. The crowded leaflets are held erect and have drooping tips. The lower segments retain prominent slender reins (lorae). Its ornamental appeal is enhanced by large clusters of bright, glossy-red fruit (each about 3m long), hence the alternative common name.

It is an ideal species to plant in the lawn of the average suburban garden of the tropics. Plants will grow happily in a sunny position and can be planted out when small...

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