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Mar 2012 – Butia Capitata

Butia Capitata

Butia Capitata
(Jelly Palm, Pindo Palm, Wine Palm )

An eye-catching and distinctive palm readily recotgnised by its stout, woody trunk to 5 meter tall and graceful crown of arching, bluish-green pinnate fronds. It is native to South America (Brazil and Uruguay) where it is widespread in the drier regions and is sometimes locally common. The fruits are very decorative, being 2-3cm across, somewhat flattened and yellow or reddish when ripe

They are edible with a fruity flavour but rather fibrous consistency. This palm is very hardy and will thrive in temperate and subtropical regions as well as inland districts. It requires a sunny position in well-drained soils and will tolerate well-structured clay or limey soils. Young plants make very decorative and hardy tub specimens...

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